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250 investment project leaders will be there, selected according to their projects and future needs. 

  • Transport & Logistics Department 
  • Transport & Customs Department 
  • Transport and Logistics Purchasing Manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Operations Manager 

100% of the guests are decision makers!

Guests' testimonials

I always appreciate the speedating system that allows you to target the people/companies you want to meet in a relatively short period of time.
Head of Transport
General Cargo
Top Transport is a rhythmic, dynamic and studious show. The quality of its conferences combined with the diversity of its exhibitors (small and large carriers) make it an essential part of my schedule.
Responsable Logistique
 Thyssenkrupp Materials France
Very good edition, organization always at the Top, the best show to make its market, to meet new actors, to follow the evolution of the market and to be informed of the new technology.
Responsable Importations 
Group Bruneau
The pre-selection upstream allows quality exchanges. The organization is well oiled and the possibilities of exchanges are numerous, even between shippers.
Responsable Transport
Barilla Group
Convivial, efficient, targeted, a very nice organization. This year again, beautiful professional meetings.   
Directeur Transport et Logistique Groupe 
 Ets Georges David
Opportunity to meet with various stakeholders/competitors operating in the same sector of activity who offer a personalized view of current or planned projects. Top-notch, accessible conferences on current topics.
Responsable Transport